the lost man chronicles
book two: the art of love

capriciously (love's greatest secret)

Look her in the eye. Crack a smile. Invite. Write, pining burning, illuminating inspiration into daylight. Plant a pit at a picnic, never to watch it grow. See an intriguing stranger, do not hesitate to say hello. Skip dinner. Pay attention to your pangs. Forget you're a sinner, don't be afraid to show-off your fangs. Invert your vices into virtues, if only for one night. Make all the wrongs they ever condemned into the relish to spread upon your delight. Think contrarian, act in persuasion. Pick the unknown menu item, whether Thai, Peruvian, Ethiopian, or Cajun. Bite into something spicy, chew heartily till you sweat. Start a conversation with someone sultry, parlay till you've salaciously whet. Think of me as a lover to compose a letter to replete with strange yearning and amorous threat, and I will lust for you as my equal capriciously, enticing you to be with me, love's greatest secret.

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