the lost man chronicles
book two: the art of love

the lost lover burns (and how the bereft survives)

“As a man in the arms of his beloved is not aware of what is without and what is within, so a person in union with the Self is not aware of what is without and what is within, for in that unitive state all desires find their perfect fulfillment.” ~ IV, 21: Brihadaranyaka, The Upanishads

Literarily, just yesterday, I believe I was part of a unitive state where all desires find their perfect fulfillment. But torn between two lovers, she wrote me a note saying she was too confused and needed time alone—for the second time in two weeks.

Well, actually the first time she had written me off forever, writing goodbye with an eye toward forgiveness. The next night she wrote a lovely letter beguiling a compromise which set us upon the path toward being lovers again.

Now, I could sulk, wallow and fret, but I rather just forget with the help of new friends and the pique of new ventures, for it would do me no good to sit around and wait, wallowing in the ashes of this—my forsaken state.

And albeit, I am certain this union was more hallow than ever before, I will not tarry in the emptiness left in her bemusing wake—for even a yogi cannot find fulfillment in the hollow shell of being lonely and alone.

Should she actually return, I’ll be here—hopefully happy, having filled the hole with ephemeral glee, while she was away pondering the uncertainty, and the druthers of her bi-polar amour.

a pesar de todo, ando positivo, y sigo pensando positivamente.
(despite the gravity, with a little levity i keep afloat and remain largely positive)

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