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book two: the art of love

rearranging an empty room

Wouldn't it be great if we were all "creative" (especially with these posts)? With every click you might find a Rembrandt, a van Gogh, a Picasso? Or perhaps Hemmingway, Kundera of Angelou? Lloyd Wright, Warhol, Ayn Rand? And wouldn't it be grand to discover a lover as unruly as Salinger, Frost, Dali?

Why golly, I do hope you get the point. So, although certainly I am advocating we break open and out of this joint with a trove of original expression—I also have an earnest confession to make—I am afraid.

Yes, I'm scared, it not utterly frightened.

What if? (Actually, hypothetically is not my best mode of thinking, but I'll give it a try anyway.)

Let's say, half of these posers offered something which bordered on interesting. Why, that would than mean we would then be interested. And god knows we don't have all day to spend foraging the trenches (or do we?)

Of course, that would then lead to more sincere letters and signs of love and piquing gestures of lust. Could we trust ourselves to manage? Can we avoid the unforeseeable damage of an overload? At what point would the discovery of someone new and creative around every corner become old and unoriginal?

Oh, I just can't imagine such overwhelming bliss—and thus, perhaps, maybe this is why I prefer the old-fashioned way, where we all push around the furniture to convey our share in the parlay of mediocrity. Yes, this is best, because as I'll profess (again) I much rather stand alone in an empty and serene room—if I can call it my own.

What do you have in your room right now? Pray tell. "It (composition, as opposed to creativity) is like arranging your drawing room—the furniture is the same, the pictures on the wall are the same, the curtains are the same, but you can arrange them again. You can put this chair there and that table here, and you can change this picture from this wall to the other. it may look new, but it is not new. It is a composition; you have not created anything. That's what ninety-nine percent of authors, poets, painters go on doing. They are mediocre; they are not creative." ~Creativity, osho

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