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25 Lessons I've Learned about Photography...Life! is the #1 best selling book on in both the photo essay and artists biographies & memoirs categories for most of 2010. Because of its inspiring storyline it has also placed in Top 10 of Self/Spiritual Books, along with genre classics Deepak Chopra's The Book of Secrets, Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha, and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

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book one: the art of living

Every man carries within himself
the whole condition of humanity.
~ Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

in the beginning
00. losing thy self
01. the mantra of the moment

solitude, composure, renewal
02. i need my space (wiggle room)
03. a day of your own
04. the third day: reemerging as the bennu
05. adjusting accordingly
06. alone
07. one with nothing
08. after all
09. vehicular velocity
10. the one eye meditation
11. the beginning of the Fall
12. silent regression

disposition: happiness and glee
13. a wonderful life
14. having fun
15. sunny
16. play, a conversation overheard
17. less is more
18. gusto
19. ask for nothing at all

20. as I age
21. as i age (again)
22. evolving
23. exciting!
24. hanging our effigy
25. humility
26. the kaleidoscope of humanity
27. a minim of existence
28. ponder
29. the wise fool
30. sometimes in a small existence
31. all the gems that make the sand
32. the contradictions of learning to be real
33. the voices came from within

will power and destiny
34. be your own myth
35. accidents of destiny
36. nice gals are losers
37. dare and become
38. the grace of falling
39. a fall from grace
40. a rich man's dream
41. the garden of genius
42. the heart of a genius
43. passion
44. how to and why not (humans in action)
45. the gift of empowerment
46. easier not to vie (to stop the shilly-shally)
47. the proof of life

perception and perspectives
48. blazing insight
49. death of a salesman
50. the insight in the middle
51. the microcosmos
52. just like Keanu
53. my optic euphony (on this starry night)
54. closer to nature
55. cognitive breakdown
56. misty adventures
57. orbicular echos

Yet whoever wil set before himself, as in a painting, the great image of Mother Nature in her full majesty; who will read in her aspect the univesal and ceaseless variety that is there; who recognizes himself in it, and not only himself but a whole kingdom, as the merest dot of a hairline brush; that man alone will judge things in their true proportions. ~ Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

58. The Majesty of Creation
59. in awe of her
60. the dizziness of awe
61. the magic in motion
62. lunar spontaneity
63. what I would have given
64. she, her, me
65. illuminated stranger
66. merciless beauty
67. metropolis enlightening
68. purple-pink skies
69. the big O
70. iced jasmine tea
71. back then when
72. enrapture me in a fleeting moment
73. feeling quixotic (about string theory)
74. ripples (in the bay)
75. breaking rippled glass

creativity, music, motion
76. create your own
77. appreciating the creative efforts of others
78. the madness of apathy
79. putting movement back into your life
80. the kinesiology of music, part one
81. the kinesiology of music, part 2
82. the kinesiology of music, part 3
83. the kinesiology of music, part 4

honesty and truth
84. the naked truth
85. do the right thing
86. Life is a Big Fat Lie
87. the less scruples the better
88. the perpetual evolution of truth
89. our relatively disappearing reality
90. the honest crook

91. let us drink, for death is inevitable
92. around the mountain, here she comes
93. the carousel of life
94. G(listening)
95. the fountain inside
96. the end is not so horrible
97. i am a fugitive
98. wandering toward awe
99. losing the lost man

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