the lost man chronicles
losing thy self .00

i am a man who has lost his self. one no longer another amongst all the others, but an entity which is one with the world.

amalgamated into this universal wonder i am apt to wander through like a molecule brushing up against others, floating, swirling, lingering when i am cold, frantic when i am not.

sometimes, from a distance, i may seem indistinguishable, but look a little closer and, and you'll discover i'm unique.

in my purest form i am energy. but when i use my self through mortal toil i am apt to waste both time and space, to channel my self through and towards no means necessary, to err merely for the sake of escaping ennui.

this is why i have lost my self. because i want to know me, i want to know purity, the untainted possibilities of being nothing, yet everything, again.

"the less there is of you, the more you experience the sublime."
~ Joseph Campbell

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