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Thursday, December 22, 2005

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Likewise Gone Awry
(Ode to the Not-so-Shy and Extra Ordinary)

Nothing is certain in human terms.

People’s reactions and responses are as variable as the patterns of autumn leaves strewn about the street after a rainy and windswept morning.

However, leaves, for the most part, will fall beneath the tree from which they came, and so too does human behavior stem from the root of common motivations shared by all mankind.

Hence, albeit it behooves the observer to accept the inevitable display of variety, it is also as equally necessary to be confident that one can predict the whims and emotional tosses and turns of fellow men—if only retrospectively.

This tenet of certain understanding proves ever more vital when leading the fray, as it is the most common human way to follow.

And as most have no idea where they are going, headed to, bound to be, showing them becomes easier when you project your direction with great vim and unflinching self-assurance.

So, with a twinkle in your eye, and verve as compelling as the pull of gravity, press forth, be forthcoming, and always act as if your will instills the way for others.

On occasion, you will find that a leaf (or nut) tumbles awry from the circle. Smile on such glorious occasions, if only to recognize that you have long likewise gone awry.

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