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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Life is Surreal

Life is so surreal sometimes.

Due to a sudden surge of work, significant life changes, my camera being in the shop and my current focus on writing, I have not been able to be as diurnally devoted to photography as I once was.

Hence, I have repressed the yearning, I have batted down my longing to walk the streets of this grand metropolis, New York City, to capture the magnificence of life that swirls about me everyday.

At least until yesterday, when I carried about my camera after work and began shooting again in earnest. And immediately, I realized why I love photography so much, and why la ménage à trois entre moi, la caméra et la cité is a threesome that is bound to last a lot longer than any relationship I have ever had.

The photos in this set were taken across from Baruch College and near the 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington Avenue. I saw this woman in the white dress as I was crossing east on 24th Street and then swung back around so that I was facing west to get a better shot. It wasn’t until I downloaded and began to edit that I realized how surreal this scene truly was; highlighting the contrast between the belle waving down the taxi and the gallant military man with his pipe made my day.

It is scenes like these that readily remind me why I love living in New York City, and why I love that I can creatively capture all the magic moments that whirl and dance about me on a daily basis. I am grateful for these gifts and I also love that I can so immediately share them with others.

Currently, I am working on a book that is based on my experience as a photographer on the streets of New York. It is to be published in Spring of 2007 and will include many of the photographs I have taken over the last year. With this work I am looking to impart many of the lessons I have learned, all of which I believe apply to life as well. I hope that when we launch that you will want to share much of that joy with me.

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