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Life is a Big Fat Lie .86

There is no such thing as an honest person. Everyone lies. Some feign strife towards integrity until if falls off the edge of pretension into an ocean of hypocrisy. Others, simply openly deal in the trade, knowing success and men are spent and made by the trading of the truth.

The innocence of youth is perhaps the closest we ever were to being holy and true. Otherwise, as the years roll over and by, you find that to survive, to be alive! if not thrive, you must bend an ear, pull a leg, or twist an arm or two, because everyone else lies, just as much as you do.

Some lies are excused as jokes, others bantered about by shameless folks it seems. And sometimes, if only to one of us, these little fantasies are the basis of very real dreams, hope and sighs, the size never insurmountable, no matter how vast or small. And it is infallible that someone else will declare these visions we bare all either too wide or too tall. For regardless of what we dare share as to what we want to see lie ahead, be assured that another will lie, if only to kill your dreams dead.

But press on dear schemer, and make all your visions true, because your lies are what your life is truly made of, and you should never have someone else lie for you.

Some of us lie better, while others weather what belies, than just lie better back. The biggest hypocrites lie the most, hemming integrity and heaving honesty, whilst honing their jibes to stab you in the back.

Some call them white lies, partial-truths, shading the truth, protecting the innocent, privacy, simply things others need not know. But regardless of what you call it, humble half-truths, or blatant lies, I guarantee you, that just like the others, your nose will truly grow.

Truth is a lie, and the lie is a truth, both are pretty much the same. The only difference is who purports each, and to what extent the other feels guilt or shame.

Oh, everyone lies, this is not a lie, I tell you its true. Now tell me, honestly, do you really think I would not lie to you?

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