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Letters to a Daredevil

Dear Tightrope Walker,

I like your balancing act. It is quite impressive, the way you stay focused and do not let the emotions of the crowd sway you too much one way or another. It is a Catch-22 though, isnít it?

For seemingly you are well aware of this and well know that by purposefully swooning one way or another you can sway the emotions of the crowd.

I can only imagine though that our oohs and ahs must move you a little too though, and that you must be careful not to lean too far to one side to please and tease us.

Oh, but how thrilling it is when you do! My heart often thumps with great fear and anticipation as I watch you.

But then, with a simple smile, a curved wile of poise and aligned composure you allay me, you make me believe in the make-believe and I am relieved to know that you are safe and in control.

Nonetheless and allthemore, I am still quite aware of the peril that you face regardless of the ease and teasing force with which you face it.

And I presume that facing it is probably just as fulfilling for you as it is thrilling, if only vicariously, for us.

You must be a very passionate person! Not very willing to compromise your desire to live life to its fullest, willing to teeter on the edge, constantly yearning to walk on the ledge between wanton abandon and social responsibility.

I wonder though if sometimes you are tempted to just jump off to see if you can fly. I know that I have often dreamt of doing so, of just jumping off my own tightrope and soaring somewhere where there are no worries or obligations or need to keep things balanced.

Then again, what do I really know? What can a fan from afar really know about you and how you feel and what moves you? I suppose I like to think and feel that I am passionate person too and that somehow, somewhere, at some time in the past we were once best friends, lovers or fellow circus performers.

Either way, anyway, please excuse my gushing. Itís just that I find you and what you do so seductive and invigorating, and so I needed to tell you that.

Thanks for inspiring me.

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