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Let Him Be

i am particularly fond of this foto for a number of reasons. not only do the spray of the sunshine, the two levels of depth with the railing to the left and bridge frame to the right and the shadows cast cumulatively make a richly textured picture, but nicky's rattling of fingers against the rail reminds me to "relax." for the first thing i thought was, "he's going to get his hands dirty," immediately realizing how inane my worries were and so i let him be. this is one of the wonderful things about having children, they remind you to enjoy life and be a child yourself sometimes.

children connect you to the Now. Unfortunately most of the time for many parents, children remind us mostly of the past and future – the mistakes we’ve made and prefer they not make or the things we have to do, but which we are not doing because the kids are not doing exactly what we want/expect them to so (e.g. going to bed).

reviewing photos of my children often reminds me of the adage that in fact, indeed, our little ones become big ones all too soon. it is impossible to over appreciate every minute and moment of their blossoming, especially when you realize that as amoral chunks of clay they remind of paradise lost and how a free life should be lived.

moreover, everyday i grow to realize that my children are my heros, for when i grow up i want to be just like them.

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