the lost man chronicles
length and schedule

Consisting of 99 chronicles, each book is approximately 125 pages in length. Book One, the art of living, ought to be published as a hard cover followed by a paperback edition 9 months later, when Book Two, the art of loving is revealed. Book Three, the art of desire would be published 9 months after Book Two.

Each book is divided into 99 parts to reflect the numerical limits of a combination safe. By reading the trilogy, the reader unlocks the mystery of the themes of each bookó life, love and desire.

Books One and Two are complete. Books Three and Four (the art of the word) are half way complete.

Over 100 other chronicles have been written which can readily be compiled into a fifth volume, as a follow-up to the first volume, the art of living.

Because the lost man chronicles are rife with symbolism and ripe for the creation of the myth explaining the mystery underlying its authorship, September 11, 2004 is a suggested date to launch Book One. The correlation with 9.11.1999 will symbolize the end of an era of greed and when the world united.

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