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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Subway Sleepers: 6 AM, Sunday Morning
Lazy Summer Sleep

This is the first photo I took on the morning of my shoot with DJ Mixx in DUMBO.

It was 6 AM, on a Sunday morning and practically everyone was snoozing away that was on the subway. It was simply too early to be up and I couldn’t help but wonder what I was doing out of bed.

Alas, it was my idea to do the shoot early because we would get great light, we would avoid the brutal heat of the afternoon and likely would also have the streets all to ourselves. Initially, I had suggested sunrise, 5:35 AM, to DJ Mixx, but he balked and asked “Can’t we do it any later?”

I compromised and suggested 7 AM, he hesitantly agreed.

And so here I was riding the subway at 6 AM on Sunday Morning from the Upper West Side of Manhattan, down to DUMBO right across the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn.

Looking back, I think it was well worth losing a little extra lazy-summer sleep.


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