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Sunday, December 4, 2005

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Just Enjoy The Moment

Last night I foraged through a few thousand fotos and culled this very special group of almost-100 unpublished and unpolished gems.

Until I had started taking photography a little more seriously in March of this year, I had primarily turned my camera towards and focused on my family as my subject, often to the chagrin of my boys who have tolerated their father’s obsession rather graciously.

I stayed up until 3 AM digging through folder after folder and then touching up those that touched me. I got up a few hours later at 8 on this white Sunday morning to post them.

The first snow fall of winter blanketed our backyard last night, and so their mother bundled Nicky and Enzo up in several layers so that they could go out and frolic as little boys do.

I watched them for a few minutes from the window in our breakfast nook and considered getting dressed so that I could take some pictures. I laughed at myself for being so shamelessly relentless with the lens. I had to berate myself into submission, “Let it go man, just enjoy the moment for what it is.”

And so I did.

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