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it has barely begun

Today will be a good day.

Even if doom looms and lingers in daily doses of media-fed denudations of festering conspiracy, today is still bound to be a good day.

How could it not be?

I’m finally recovering from a minor cold, my pants are too loose (again), and the bus driver actually stopped in the middle of the road for me when I half-heartedly hailed him down.

Most drivers won’t even let you in even if you happen to be standing directly before their translucent door, feigning not to notice you because they’re poised to step on the gas pedal as soon as that light turns green.

No, they quite predictably just pretend to play mute, ignoring your initial polite tap to the glass, until at last your frustrated knock becomes a tenacious pound, and their nasty disposition becomes nastier, turning a straight-ahead glaring frown into a side-glancing scowl that triggers his finger to push a little button and let you in.

Which is why, this guy’s unexpected kindness at 6:30 a.m. has me quite excited about the day.

And to think it has only barely begun…

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