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Monday, August 14, 2006

Papa is his Number One Fan
In the Wake of Wanderlust

Sunday was a record travel day for me.

For albeit I did not travel for the longest time I have ever traveled at one time, I did seemingly take every possible form of transportation available to me.

Going from Atlanta to the Jersey Shore I started off at 7 AM speeding along Highway 400, clippin' 80 knots or so (i.e. MPH or some equation of "Kilometers" as them fancy folks in the like to use) in my rental car; then I took the Hertz Shuttle bus, then the world's longest escalator, the world's longest airport shuttle, the plane to Newark International; the elevator to the tram that took me to the train station; the NJ Shorline train that took me to the very last stop, and finally the long drive to the shore house by car, so that I was on the couch, ready for a siesta, by 4:30.

Alas, this seems to be the essence of my life lately, moving from place to place, rarely settling down long enough to feel as if, "Finally, I am home." Yet, despite the sigh and what might seem like a complaint, I really could not be happier, for life has been good to me so far. And if everything works out as I am planning, as I am diligently working toward, I will be traveling a lot more in the years to come.

Besides, I've always wanted the world to be my home, so perhaps I should just get used to the this interminable exhaustion, the weariness in the wake of wanderlust.


Note to self: As I was poting this musing, I literally just happened across someone else's photo travelogue a few minutes ago because a photo of hers appeared in my "Photos From Your Contacts" section on flickr.

The irony is astounding. Her spree of pictures could easily be entitled "In The Wake of Wander Lust" as well, but only with a capital "L," for Lust of course...


While I was at the Shore for the last two days, I spent some quality time with Enzo and Nicky my great American superheroes, my greatest sources of daily inspiration.

Here Nicky shows off his new water-(not-so)-tight shore shirt.


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