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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

inside the shutter
(I see them)

I wanted to take a picture of the grass-green and golden splendor of autumn leaves riddling, shining, reflecting at its edges, the glory of the morning sun.

Each time I see leaves falling upon pavement I wince a little, dream a little, pine for the chance to capture this seasonís dance in action.

Everyday at every step I am whet, I am swept, I almost weep when I miss a moment that should have been caught inside the shutter.

And so I shudder, when those utterly vivid, vibrant, invigorating instances of wonder, of this magic life, escape me.

And so I sigh with every bewitching cast of beauty, every inspiring smile, and all the wiles of human nature manifested in picture-perfect gestures and wily glances that elude my lens.

And than, then again, I revel in the notion that at least
I see them.

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