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i need my space (wiggle room) .02

"have you never observed that when a guest comes you feel good, and when he goes you feel even better?" ~ osho

space is precious. whether it is manifested in time or place, space is a privilege most of us take for granted.

and we are compelled to fill it unnecessarily.

one sees a blank page in her calendar and suddenly she feels lonely. her closets and rooms have no room for they are filled with catalogs of things that vicariously serve to fulfill an empty life. the phone rings and she jumps to answer it, for otherwise she must accept that she is alone. and incessant conversation is likewise necessary, because she is uncomfortable with the silence—the sound of space.

it is amusing to think how unnecessary therapy might be if only we could all just control our emotions and not have to hear ourselves talk the gibberish of loneliness. that is why, occasionally, the need to "communicate" better is simply the neurotic excuse for one's inability to accept that personal space of a significant other.

all spaces are not meant to be filled, and when one believes this he tends to occupy it with what is menial, if not ultimately—meaningless. when it comes to the intellect, most men are erroneously inclined to believe that great minds are the same as vast wastelands of memory, and thus make substantial efforts to fill it with what is truly quite trivial, if not malign. for facts are worthwhile only if they can be applied toward the manifestation of what is meaningful, otherwise they are just taking up space.

don't be afraid of emptiness—strive for it instead. for less is more, it really is. space, both physical and mental, gives one room to breath, to think, to create, and conceive. for emptiness, if anything, is clarity, and is often the optimal state of being which is conducive to enlightenment and inspiration.

solitary activities, such as running, writing, meditation, or even bathing, often serve as great catalysts for creativity. artists, philosophers, scientists and gurus, all know that solitude is the sine qua non of not only creation, discovery and epiphany, but perhaps most importantly, the personal means to their salvation.

"conversation enriches the understanding, but solitude is the school of genius." ~ edward gibbon

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