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Last night a full moon hung over Manhattan. Crossing parallel to the cityscape after exiting the Lincoln Tunnel, I was privy to its full splendor and in awe of the contrast between our heavenly orb and the rugged outline of the metropolis at twilight. I thought, "my god, there may be marvelous blue mountains on the moon, but they are nothing like the ones we build here on earth."

This morning reddish-pinkish and purple skies loomed as I stepped out into the crisp fog. It all felt as soothing as iced jasmine tea on a sultry summer day. I was invigorated and now ready to once again close myself off to the world by holing up in the office all day.

I realized based on these simple observations, that whilst everyone around me is speaking anxiously about "The Playoffs," I am quite excited about simply being amidst the glory of our terrestrial existence.

Until yesterday I had absolutely no clue as to which sport was being alluded to or exactly who was playing off. Now I know, because I asked and after which I quickly retreated to my blissful ignorance. For I much rather revel in the time spent pondering, wandering, exploring, discovering and hovering in the realm of earthly and human pleasures, than passively watching, following or arguing over others playing ball.

For those who do not understand it all, I realize my words may sound quite arrogant. Alas, it is not an attempt to disparage a national pastime or the provincial incline of the masses, but rather it is merely meant to be an earnest plea to encourage people to see the awesome game nature plays in a myriad of radiant ways everyday all around us.


" …to preserve some semblance of sanity, man's urgent task is to visualize human nature in such a way that it is possible to accommodate divine revelation without either making himself or someone else into God. .... to account for awe-inspiring inspiration without uttering the name of God. This is neither the atheism of the philosophers nor the piety of priestly reverence, for both result in the loss of vision all-together. The aim is to demonstrate that religious language can take on the ordered complexity, the beauty, and the abstract feeling of geometric spatial dimensions that make higher mathematics so engaging --- that human words can hold their own with the mechanistic formulas of scientific wizardry. The knight of faith must have the audacity to tread on holy ground, and the decency not to desecrate it. This holy ground referred to is none other than the Earth beneath our feet. It is this world we must come to believe is sacred; if we do not, we will find ourselves orphans in a universe more unbelievable than Christianity's duplex mansion of heaven and hell."

~ Breakdown of madness dawns on genius of collective consciousness 55,

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