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questions for the non-conformist

Tell me about the last time you were spontaneous? Zany? Creative?

When is the last time you gave someone a compliment in person? What was it?

When is the last time you struck (up) a conversation with a stranger?

Do you have any eccentricities?

What have been some of your goals and how did you accomplish them? What are your three foremost current aspirations?

What are you passionate about?

List and/or describe some of your favorite sensations:

Somatic (e.g. chill up the spine, lingering lips, a good scratch, a flirtatious tickle, a kiss upon your nape, etc. )

How about euphonic, savory and aesthetic sensations?

Have you experienced bliss? nirvana? Ecstasy? How so? Describe your experiences subtlety. Allude to them even.

What did you do upon your last whim?

What is the last thing you gave up or gave away that meant something to you?

How do you simplify your life? How do you renew it?

Do you make time or does time make you?

What did you do the last time you hesitated for a moment to ponder what others might think, and then said to yourself "phuck it! I'll do it anyway, if only because I want to!"

What do you do to enhance your consciousnesses and awareness to the self and your surroundings? (e.g. pure oxygen, running, breathing, meditation, yoga, 420, rolling, levitation, writing, levity, microscopic or panoramic photography, etc.)

What is the last risk you took and failed? Excelled?

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