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perfectly normal

perfectly normal: an oxymoron, a paradox, a Catch-22 and a conundrum in one. what is it to be perfectly normal, if not acquiescing to everything and everyone? perfectly normal would mean being perfectly aligned with the world outside one self, blending in, assimilating, essentially becoming invisible, so as not to rankle anyone with the idiosyncrasies one is otherwise inclined to express.

no, other than perfectly normal would be like having the urge to undress before a crowd and actually doing it, being oblivious to the sudden gapes, cheers, jeers, and applause. a natural display of shock and awe, one might say.

to be perfectly normal is to be perfectly bland, boring and unblemished. in other words, to be perfectly normal one would have to be uber-socialized, utterly compliant to what is prescribed and, in essence, inhuman.

now, more than ever, man has the potential to progress, not to achieve the elusive thinking-machine, the one turning point which i glean might mark the beginning of the end, but meaning the true potential of both the mind and the individual. the most invaluable advances will not come when we can clone or preserve our own selves into immortality, but when we all realize that each of us has the awesome potential to evolve as individuals.

just imagine! a world where everyone had something interesting and worthy of saying, where we learn to play while we work because we simply and sincerely love what we do, where you and i donít have to fit in to feel comfortable, where sins are merely degrees of tastes, and where you actually place yourself at the edge of a bridge because you know everyone else would never really be brave enough to jump off of it. just imagine, because imagination is the impetus inspiring all progress. just imagine, if only because you can.

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