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libido dominandi (the will to power)

"this is the year," i thought excitedly to myself, abetting this determined premonition with, "and it will be the year, if only because i will it to be so."

i was so caught up in this wily portent that i got on the wrong train, and barely made it back out and onto the platform before the doors closed and a destiny i would now never know headed off into the wrong direction.

i was yet to taste the invigorating delicacy of the day, the pure imparting intimacy of a lover's discourse, the lingering sighs of departure, and ultimately, the last goodbye.

nonetheless, i was filled with excitement, not only anticipating the thrills which awaited, but also foreseeing the enthralling life ahead of me.

intuitively, i was feeling that it was all destined to change in a manner i had only dreamed of and worked passionately toward to make true and manifest. now, the difference between these literary aspirations and my assiduous application was about a few steps away, and i was about to cross that fateful line.

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