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i am a buddha

as we all are (potentially). and each one of us is also prospectively a god too, fallen to grace all who we meet here on earth.

oh, yes, we are demons three—she, Her, me—a trio who diabolically challenge others to discover what we do not know, to pique and show them what is already there, to intrigue where curiosity would otherwise not go, and to inspire them to grow apart from a prescribed reality, and organically back into the fold of the unknown.

for we are nothing but dreams, illusions of all that what others seem to want to make of us, forms we cannot trust to take us beyond the limits of what we can mortally achieve, unless we ultimately deceive what lies within our shells.

what we are not, is most often—our selves, that which when we are free to be, that which quite antisocially comes about most naturally, when we are divine and one with everything else.

"you die of the flesh, and are born of the spirit…and that is the god." ~ Joseph Campbell

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