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being special

"you're special"

that's right. i am special.

and everyone should think the same of themselves.

now, it is especially easy to paint this picture the wrong color.

special does not endow privilege, it is not indicative of superiority. it is, however, wholly the acknowledgement that each one of us has the potential to be expressive of our intrinsic natures, to be and become original and creative.

being special is also being humble, because it not only accepts one's own unique position in the universe, it also thrives on the belief that others are just as prospectively special.

but such humility does not presume anything, rather it proactively seeks, encourages and uncovers to discover the differences that make a difference. and sometimes it even turns things upside down, or rather right side up, for once individuals are on the right side, once they are centered again, and once they are challenged to find the source of their life's charge and their equilibrium—then this is when their special qualities emerge.

"The man of character finds an especial attractiveness in difficulty
since it is only by coming to grips with difficulty
that he can realize his potentialities."
~ Charles de Gaulle

complacency and conformity are the most common means of losing our differentiating traits. and thus it is vital to continually remind ourselves that we indeed are special, and that this particular state of being requires a conscious extra effort to be aware, to dare, to be willing to simply be true to your self.

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