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a place (where I, simply, am)

i would like to reach a place where i am no longer compelled to compare myself to anyone else but me.

a place where i am not perturbed by other's mental incursions upon my space, but merely cued to move my serenity—elsewhere.

a place where i care and understand other's suffering without having to feel the pain, where i balance compassion with a vain state of composure.

a place where i might expose myself honestly for the sake of revealing some truth about our humanity, and yet somehow remain the enigma that i am apt to be alone.

a place where i can hone all that i call good, a place where i am understood, and do not have to explain anything in terms of social graces or why my many faces so often present a contradiction.

a place where i simply do my best and never need to test the worthiness of my actions.

a place where what i say is equal to what i do. a place where my imagination contrives plans and possibilities, and not merely elusive fantasy and wayward dreams.

a place which not only seems, but usual is.

a place where happiness lies, and i, simply, am.

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