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a not-so-serious second-time around

"hardly anyone over 18 takes themselves that seriously, and hardly anyone has the right to."

i suppose the way one looks at it depends on whether you want to be part of the "hardly anyone over 18" or otherwise. personally, i prefer the latter. i enjoy being, thinking, and living exceptionally. and anyone and everyone else has an equal right to either feel the same or lackadaisically accept a life of mediocrity.


pondering that interchange further i was compelled to ask myself—"what are my motivations for being here?"

the answer i gave my self was twofold.

The Big I is primarily interested in the ends.

the little i is focused on getting there, in other words, the means.

both are looking to make life meaningful via differentiation.

Big I, like everyone else, is inherently lonely and consoles himself by establishing a persona that is original, unique, special—different.

little i, sighs, and knows as trite as the goal of non-conformity may be, that he must nonetheless proceed differently.

both work in tandem and achieve their individual aspirations by chronicling this journey, surveying the universe which lies beyond the comfortable atmosphere of ourselves, and ultimately, mapping out the road not taken—a path chosen so that others might also be motivated to lose themselves to the world and a life which awaits apart from the norm.

for those who, like me, find themselves going around the carousel for the second time around, having come full circle in one way or another, this mission may mean more to you than any of those who have yet to realize that we are all on a ride that simply goes round and round.

" Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth. Oh, never mind. You will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they've faded." ~ Mary Schmich

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