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Friday, April 7, 2006

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Houston, Can You See Me Now? (My Trip to Mars)

i decided to take a walk after being cooped up in that rocket for so long.

as soon as i got out, i realized that it was a little too warm to wear a space suit. i decided that a pair of shorts and t-shirt were better instead. it kind of reminded me of california a little bit - death valley, california that is.

at one point it got so hot that i was tempted to strip naked and just run about bare on upon the barren terrain. alas, i had forgotten the broadcast schedule in my locker back home, and so i decided not to risk it. figured, it would make NASA look bad if they suddenly turned on the camera and millions of folks, kids and the like saw me with it all hanging out.

besides, i've put on a few pounds lately, and so i was being a little self-conscious as well.

nonetheless and allthemore, i decided to have a little fun with houston anyway, and so i whipped out my little powershot and took a photo of the wide angle lens on the rover, shouting, "Houston, can you see me now?"

albeit, i was a million miles away i was sure i could hear everyone in the control room laugh.

all of a sudden i heard this swoosh-swoosh, sweeping sound coming up from behind me. apparently, the first couple of rovers had somehow missed the strange creatures that were all over the place. you can see the shadow of one, to the right of the photo.

it kind of looked like a desert sea urchin, with lots of spiny things jetting out from all over its body. i made sure to keep my distance.

since i found 'em i got to name 'em. so, i went with the the first thing that came to mind: "pricklymuthaphuker." that's latin for "you better not get too close."

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