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if history determines that i am not in fact a genius, my life will not be lived in vain, for i am at least having fun trying to be.

for, if anything, geniuses enjoy life more than most. their passion is their play and their play a toast to their passion. there is no such thing as fashion or trends or work for them, unless it is the reason they bend backwards to excuse themselves from the less important (frivolous) demands of others.

moreover, geniuses have fun because they are apt to ignore, abhor, and abscond socially prescribed ways of expressing their thoughts, their proclivities, as well as their personalities. and as a result, end up being perceived as strange and unusual, zany and original, or unique individuals who embrace the eccentric.

in turn, we also tend to be happier than most, because we can boast that we do not feel compelled or pressured to live up to anyone's standards but our own.

and because we raise the bar higher than average, we are liable to be more satisfied by the resulting accomplishments, because we often challenge ourselves to achieve above and beyond (the norm).

moreover, a genius rarely retires. unless the lease on her mind and imagination have expired, our work is never done. and this is never a problem, since we live to solve them as well.

and we will, because above all we are also the world's greatest optimists. nothing is impossible, you only have to turn it upside down, inside out, or perceive it (see it, touch it, hear it, taste it, feel it, imagine it) from a different angle.

as a result of these tests, we may rightfully be seen as obsessed with finding the answer, and usually we will not stop till we have fully exhausted all the possibilities, even the implausible, the improbable, and impossible ones.

and in the end, it's all just about—having fun.

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