the lost man chronicles
hanging our effigy .24

why do we hang all these paintings and pictures and masks on the wall?

sometimes, surely it is to recall some cherished element of our past or existence. sometimes we stoop in order not to offend and hang that token given by a friend.

but many more other times we are simply inclined to hang ourselves in effigy, for we want others to believe that we are what we want to be. the décor displays a certain lack of humility, so that we might feel real, necessary and whole.

for if others do not perceive us and our idiosyncrasies, we cannot exist. and non-existence is death in the life of this social circle we contend, which is why we defend and ramify and define as we branch out and justify our existence with these pretentious, yet innocuous, knick-knack semaphores and symbols and signs that signal to our guests "I'm here, acknowledge me, and aren't you impressed by how drolly unique I AM?"

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