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God Loves Georgia

i was in the middle of a meeting with the account managers at lake lanier park in atlanta where i was managing an event for our contingency in alpharetta, when i saw this magnificent display above me.

so i said, "pardon me while i whip this out," and i took out my little canon powershot and snapped this incredibly graceful and awe-inspiring scene of nubulae and light.

the manager of the premises i was with was intrigued and asked "do you like photography?," i beamed somewhat smugly and affectively replied in a coy tone, "why yes, indeed i do."

she was quite enthused for she suddenly started telling me all about the panasonic luminex that she had spent $800 on and justified it because it has a 12x zoom. i feigned an "oh, really" in return, faking a little enthusiasm, if only because i ride on a high-horse about using zooms.

for my position has long been (perhaps stubbornly so, maybe stupidly even more so) that if it ain't close enough, well then...get closer!

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