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what? the original question

A monk asked Kao Tsu:
"what is the unique and final word of truth?"
…The Master replied: "Yes."

~ Roland Barthes, The Lover's Discourse

because, yes "what?" is the unique and final word of truth, for the truth is never final and always unique. you see, the truth is not an answer, it is a question. it is the quest, not the conquest. thus, the truth never rests because it is ever-changing, rearranging reality depending on how and who and why and when. what then is the ever-elusive answer which comes full circle to become the original question.

however, there is one exception. for during our the final moments we are allowed to see but one immutable truth—we are not immortal.

it is then that some of us realize that all the rights and wrongs of our life are ultimately one in the same. and it is then that shame becomes praise for all the days gone by that we lived true to the truth-seeking I which always questioned the direction in which we were heading.

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