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the unemotionally able

The potential for genius is inhibited by the unnecessary, unconscious, and uncontrolled enactment of emotion. Anyone who allows themselves to be carried away by romanticism, idealism or sentimentality will find it more difficult to concentrate one's limited energy on the understanding of the world outside themselves and ultimately— themselves.

Should one consistently be moved by external forces, and in essence be unable to free herself from prodding circumstance to comprehend what is occurring to her objectively, then she shall unlikely achieve her full potential as a genius.

Life is one big fluid pattern, and those who get caught up in the currents that swath through the labyrinth will rarely make an effort to stop midstream and assess how they are flowing, where they have been going, and ultimately why they are floating so seemingly uncontrollably as they do. most people simply take the ride for granted, cursing the rapids and either panicking or prospering when they cascade off the waterfalls.

This is why the irrational fail to grasp anything beyond what is given to them. A genius borders on madness because she can see everything, especially what a buffoon she is before the majesty of being, which ultimately bestows the necessary insight with which to break free of any prescribed destiny. Others, such as the emotional unstable, lean toward insanity because they do not accept their foolishness and are frustrated by the inability to determine their fate.

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