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i want to be thought of as brilliant, not because i want to be known as such, but primarily and simply because i want to be. i want to stretch to the sky and actually touch it, and in the process of extending the reach of my imagination touch others for more than a quarter of an hour. for i aim to penetrate with my literary power into eternity.

i understand that this grand aspiration may prove daunting and that the requisite risks may also end up haunting my life here on earth. but as my dear mother was brave enough to give birth to me, i will not cower, even if i must work under the towering shadow of responsibility which comes with the agility to speak for everyone. for not just anyone can be the universal man i intend to become.

i comprehend what lies ahead of me now, and that i am liable to lose myself to the promiscuity of being one for all. but i am not afraid, for i have long known my fate has never been my own.

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