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mad dreams

lately, in the last couple of days, i've had some rather startling nightmares. albeit they contained tell-tale elements of the fantastic, if not phantasmic, they instilled what felt like very real fear.

it was with the latest bad dream that i realized that should my mind physiologically malfunction and begin to carry these illusions over into the waking world, reality would certainly not become a kinder, gentler place. disabling paranoia and phobias could quite easily arise, should such hallucinations suddenly fruition whilst my eyes were open.

in the process of realizing how frightening the world of some mental patients must be, i also came to better understand the connection and fine line between genius and insanity.

genius often relies on creativity—one's ability to employ the imagination which is nothing more, nor less, than the freedom to daydream uninhibitedly. most groundbreaking breakthroughs have come primarily as a result of an individual's agility to conjure original thoughts which are as extraordinary as most mortal's dreams. the genius taps into the unconscious stream of our communal mental fountain, but unlike most, does not hesitate to turn the tap wide open, often.

Thus, the genius is occasionally perceived as, and may very well be, bordering on madness. as long as the prodigious dreamer understands the difference between what is and what isn't, as well as all that is possible and all that has yet to be, then it usually proves socially acceptable to appear a madman in search of a solution.

yet, be forewarned, as long as your solution unfolds into a dream that others cannot facilely conceive, believe or comprehend, you will like have to endure sulphurous misperceptions of madness as well.

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