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Genius is not knowledge itself. Rather it is the ability to use information to generate greater wisdom. Genius is an extraordinary agility with which one combines seemingly unrelated pieces into solutions. Genius applies principles across disciplines and is willing to risk looking into the unknown. Genius also hones perception with experimentation, knowing there is never a single answer to anything. Genius asks questions while others rest comfortable in the status quo, and works tirelessly to know what has never been hereto understood. Genius is action, it is focus. It is the hocus-pocus that creates the illusion belying all confusion and magically making it into a simpler reality. Genius persists in its discovery and does not settle, nor does it rest. Genius rarely allows itself to compromise unless it realizes that is it is the most efficient means of ascertaining truth. Genius is precocious youth and age-old wisdom combined. Genius is aligned with itself more than anything else. Genius thinks wealth is intangible. Genius is passion wrought by thinking. Genius is God winking and giving you the answers to the test. Genius simply does not play in the same field with the rest. Genius is lonesome, but rarely really ever lonely.

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