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At what speed do we think? Can we think faster then the speed of light? When we say that she thinks lightening fast, do we mean it? If we do think as fast or faster (than light), and if I think therefore I am, are we then faster than light itself?

Are deep thoughts, being heavier or more complex than ordinary thoughts because they are found at the greater depths of the mind, slower thought than lighter fare, even if there at 2,000 feet below, they are compressed by tons of pressure? What makes a thought truly profound? Is not a perfectly round tenet of wisdom or an equally square epiphany that summarizes a universal truism, essentially the uncovering or relative reiteration of a rule which already exists and persists through time, but is only made sublime and real when applied in certain time and space? And as such, is this law so basic that its weight is non-existent, for once it is exposed it breaks free of all the mental calculations that derived the conclusion, which now floats alone and is essentially weightless?

Thus, if our deepest thoughts have no weight because they do not drag against the stream of consciousness once liberated, are they therefore immeasurable having no anchor to hold them to time or place? Especially since there is no necessary gravity involved, the sine qua non of weight itself? And thus is the comparison of its velocity to that of light futile? Can we weigh light? Can light be heavy? Is it a misnomer to perceive enlightenment as profound?

Furthermore, if we can wish into the future and imagine various scenarios of possible parallel universes, as well as we reminisce and reexamine the past, and even have the power to refashion it by looking at the same experience from different perspectives, are we not traveling though time and space faster than light itself because we are not held to any linear chronology? It is hypothesized that if we travel at the speed of light we could travel into the future and likewise into the past, but don't we do that already, if only within the confines of our noetic wandering, pondering, meandering imagination, and musing?

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