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The reason the world has not seen many women geniuses is because they have all been too busy nurturing them. Geniuses have typically shunned marriage en lieu of their work, so as not to be bothered or burdened with all the social obligations of matrimony. Above all other aspirations, women have traditionally been pushed into two things: getting married and bearing children. Granted, times are changing, but the tradition and expectations largely remain the same.

It has been said that behind every great man is a great woman. This statement cannot be more true. For if it was not a doting-caring-loving mother who created the environment which her little prodigy could thrive upon, it is the prudent wife who maintains life about him.

Once again, the milieu is a changing so that we may begin to see many more women emerging with extraordinary intellectual or creative merit. However, their accomplishments will likely not be attributed to the men behind them. Rather, it may be said instead that "behind every great woman, is another great woman."

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