book twelve:

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Following are musings and verse concerning genius and the mind.

01. if I had a gift
02. lonesome
03. damning the deluge
04. great women
05. mad dreams
06. the unemotionally able
07. a devilish deviation from the mean
08. one for all
09. intellectualization
10. intelligengialization
11. working within the watershed
12. less is more
13. grander design
14. what? the original question
15. conversations with genius
16. accomplishment as its own reward
17. musings from the loon: just have phun, phind liphe phunny (and shit).
18. making magic out of nothing
19. its all relative
20. the plowshares of progress
21. all the same
22. Beyond Principle
23. Going Somewhere
24. Weary
25. half-wit, half-geniusó (Wit(h))
26. a self-made genius

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