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damning the deluge

"My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought, cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives." ~ Hedley Lamarr

Articulated by actor Harvey Korman in a manner that is precise to character, this excerpt from comic genius Mel Brook's film Blazing Saddles poignantly captures the very cerebral process that is apt to drive an unprepared soul on the verge of genius—quite mad.

Because albeit most can handle a single fluid stream of consciousness facilely, it is when the gates to several currents are lifted either simultaneously or rapidly in sequence that some begin to falter, and teeter on the edge between falling into insanity or remaining put on the ground of extra ordinary revelation. To experience this is an awesome sensation, but the ensuing frustration can be unsettling.

For the exercise of capturing such multi-splendored enlightenment can be quite like trying to quench a dying thirst by sticking out your tongue in the rain. The resulting inability to gather one's thoughts is not only disheartening, but if the waters consistently begin to cut a path through the desert of one's mind, one may be inclined to begin hearing voices.

This is why I have learned to keep pen and paper within reach at all times. So that if and when the deluge begins, I can conveniently jot down cues, or even complete thoughts, as I have them. And ultimately, not have to fret that I might lose something profound in the process.

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