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a self-made genius

Most have heard of the self-made millionaire or the self-made man, I intend to become a self-made genius, simply because I can. Well, truth be sold, it really is all a matter of perception, some say perfection, I say it's just not all that simple.

Nonetheless, I will. For my will is the quintessential part of the plan, the blueprint to define, the design for noetic acuity to which I am inclined, an astute gratuity to be granted to the world via my nominal shell of existence, channeled through for you and you and you.

My genius will be energy refined through me that creates matter in the form of words, a flow of wisdom to be conveyed through the liquid of language, the human conductor of thoughts and comprehension and bitter-sweet memory, that we all take for granted much too often.

Admittedly, I may seem a little behind the curve that measures the mortal against immortal word, but I know where I am going now and all mountains in my path will be overcome.

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