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at 3:33, for two hours only! brilliant writer seeks lover

no use in beating around the bush. the headline says it all. following is an earnest attempt to summarize who i am and what i offer.

cerebral: scribo, ergo sum. an avid reader of science, esp. psychology, verse, biographies, non-fiction adventure, how-to, spiritual. polyglot (español, français, nihongo) who laughs a lot. lithe intellectual. insatiably curious. self-deprecating wit. accepts mortality, but disdains mediocrity. i ponder daily and muse upon my fortune with equal vim. i am ever-evolving and am not beholden to politics, contemporary social convictions, or any particular set of rules.

corporal: 36, 5’10”, 160. work-out daily (calisthenics including tai-chi, yoga, running, and weight-lifting). my arms and legs are well-honed, abdominals toned well-enough to feel and see their outline. 14% body fat (professional athletes on average maintain 6-12%). cholesterol is abnormally low (that’s good). i eat well, lots of vitamin c and e rich foods. disease-free.

spiritual: ultra-aware of the beauty of my environment. atheist who believes in a holistic, holy spirit that pervades all and everything. science, of which i avidly read the layman annals of, indifferently likes to refer to this ethereal permeation as energy, mass and molecules. i like think that it is more meaningful if we paint the sublime with bright and opalescent hues. tenacious, persevering. cusp of scorpio-sagitarius.

educational: 2 masters (ivy league), 1 BA—all in international affairs. however, i would not contend that my intelligence derives from my degrees, but rather that my degrees were begot because of my perspicacity (shrewd pragmatism really).

libidinal: my extra-sensory perception and predilections steer me toward the new and experimental. i like loving amidst nature or whimsically in dark city spaces. daily is best, keeps the spirit sanguine. slow indulgence over hours is my preferred mode of sensual gratification.

literal: or rather, epistolary. i love to write and like to communicate by e-mail best. gives one a little extra time to breath, a little extra space, and the leisure to compose something meaningful, rather than blathering needlessly. i’m partial to correspondence that inspires and fires up the will, challenges one’s wit, and whets the appetite.

commercial: gainfully employed in nyc at a fortune 100 company.

temporal: nothing is forever, but it does not hurt to vie for something long-lasting. looking to meet a few times a week, early mornings chat-n-chews, early evenings trysts, an occasional lunch-time rendezvous.

acting club meets at the cafe at 28/5, at 4:04.

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