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footnote four

process, process, process
we are not the harbingers of progress
but simply, guardians of what is due.
that is what is our true purpose
that is what is vital and key
to the constitutionality of our decisions—
no presumptions, no overlooking propriety
no disregard of the discrete and insular
that constitute the beautiful variety of this great nation
of coconut, milk and cream.

and thus i deem that
we are not responsible for the outcome—
let the legislators rake through the mire
let them walk through brimstone and fire
let them have the glory and the shame
let them take the blame
and roil in the pain of public scrutiny,
and wallow in the dearth of electoral confidence,
and inexhaustibly extol and roll the pork barrel
and ultimately, warmonger to take the toll upon
this land of the free, this land of so-called
civil liberty.

and i will note
our druthers are not relative;
for we reign supreme over coconut, milk and cream
for we are merely wardens of this teetering dream
for we are merely keeper of the process

of jurisprudence
of sovereign balance
of social prudence
and justice for all.
for we should not intervene when it seems
there is disadvantage,
when justice is not served,
when the minority is ignored
and i will note
i will note
i will note.

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