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experience is truth

Funny how the body does not always follow.
Funny how the mind, heart and soul
often know, often do;
yet, we stop our bodies from doing, from knowing
believing, that somehow, we haven’t—
if our bodies haven’t.

“That’s what makes us human”
We can justify anything, we err, we confess;
we redress the same mistakes over and over again—
always fooling ourselves, thinking “never again.”
it is only a matter of when,
when again.

Animals are lucky.
They are, we assume, amoral.
Fortunately, we are animals.
Yet, we know, or at least we are taught
to know
the differences between right and wrong.
But wrong is not left,
left is left.
Unless, of course, you are standing on the other side;
unless, you are looking in the mirror.

Otherwise, wrong is relative.
Thus, right is not right if it is wrong;
and wrong is not wrong if it is right
(And they say that two wrongs do not make a right!
Suzanne, make a left! Make a left!)

Then, I guess, ultimately,
it depends on who you ask
it depends on when you ask
it depends on whether you ask at all.
Because whoever you ask
may not even tell you (the truth).
For he or she may simply tell you
what they feel you feel
is right or wrong;
what they feel you want to hear,
so that they don’t have to hear
you telling them
what you think is right and wrong.

But lying is wrong.
“Hi, how are you?”
“Fine, thank you.”
Lying is relative.

Children learn this at a very early age;
innocent children learn to lie
from the adults who get angry at them—
for telling them the truth.
Thus, along the way, as we “grow up” we learn
to fib, to omit, to tell half-truths,
to hide, to keep secrets, to whisper;
to argue for what we believe is right and wrong,
and to do it anyway when we lose the argument,
especially, when we are in the minority;
then we learn to overcome obstacles;
most of them intangible—fears, guilt, obligations.


Funny how the body, heart and soul know
what is right, even when the mind remembers
that it is “wrong.”

Many, if not all, of the greatest ideas, solutions,
social movements, and individual acts of love
have been wrong
at one time or another.
Sometimes, ultimately, time
or simply the obstinacy or tenacity
of one person made them right.
Sometimes, a secret shared solely
between two people
is right, regardless if it is wrong

those two may never know.
Sometimes, perhaps often,
that it s wrong.

And sometimes,
there is only one way
to find out;
to know
the truth.

Experience is truth,
otherwise, we
truly remain amoral.

Agito, ergo sum.

Ultimately, we are the sum of our experiences.

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