the lost man chronicles
23. exciting!

Excitement is risk taking, bet making, gambling till red eyes hurt and tell you to go home, surreptitious jaunts, the alluring saunter of a vixen walking by, an unrequited sigh, calculated risks and educated guesses confirmed, breaking the rules to remake them, not getting caught; being original, eccentric, enigmatic, droll and arcane; being confused as insane, exceeding expectations, avoiding the inane, doing what you are "not supposed to do" then becoming the model for what should be done; exploring, discovering, uncovering; trying new things; having fancy flings with those who write, sing, dance and artfully romance; laughing, enlightenment, levity, nocturnal longevity, the brevity that is wit, grit, "The Flow," writing till you know you have written it and running (away), narrow escapes after horseplay, seeing a passing stranger smile and then wondering for a wile, wandering—getting lost in time, in space, in a pretty face; entertaining, remaining determined despite it all, willing to fall knowing you'll get back up again; determining the what, the why, the where, the when; calling fate a liar and a friend, stolen kisses and the anxiety of amorous lingering, those moments of perfection, licentious affection, agile fingering, sibilant pleading leading from whispers to breathless euphony, not willing to resign to complacency, walking over to the far side, being on the inside when everyone else thought you were out, artistic affairs, those who dare—live, love, give all in the same breath, defying death, if only because it is inevitable, dutifully pursuing your dreams, even if they seem to believe them impossible.

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