the lost man chronicles
evolving .22

i don't wear a watch. nor do i own or operate a cell phone, lap top, pda, calendar or even a list of things to do. however, somehow i still end up accomplishing them all. i try not to rush, i am not afraid to fall, i am rarely in a hurry, like to linger and i am notoriously late. i like to debate. i believe a lot of things are worth waiting for and i am willing to watch those things evolve. i love solving things and impatiently dig to find the right clues. therefore, it should not be news that i am also a contradiction. but, so is everyone else. watching tv is a waste of time, reading and writing are sublime, poetry is not dead, and i have a big head, that is, i am certainly not humble, i only mumble when i am not prepared, or have dared toke too much, but than again, that is more like rambling, perhaps stumbling, bumbling from sudden epiphany to another. and, not only do i obsessively create, but i am apt to make life itself my art.

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