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El Museo Del Sol

This morning’s sunrise was a brilliant blaze of violet, orange and red. I only caught a quick glimpse of it from my bedroom window because I was still not fully dressed and I was running late. Nonetheless, the aesthetic flash of nature’s magnificence emblazoned an impression of awe and reverence. I was so impressed that I believe a museum filled with only photographs, paintings and other artistic renderings of sun-up and sun-down, showcasing the aureate and roseate glows of dusk and dawn from around the world, would prove a smashing success.

Sunrises and sunsets are such a universal phenomena that all but Plato’s cave dwellers could not appreciate the inherent and glorious beauty of such an invigorating display of energy and light.

And like the sun itself, I envision that the exhibit would be free to the public. Eventually, it would burgeon into a creative center for all-things-sun. Poetry, prose, sculpture, dance, music and any refined piece of beauty would be housed, hosted and offered to all.

Of course, eventually a lavish garden would be grown to take full advantage of the power above that be. Accordingly, we would also build a center of research and innovation that would serve to educate us about the great potential of solar energy.

And certainly, the center would sponsor an annual exhibit of the latest solar-powered inventions. In particular, the string of solar-celled Christmas lights and menorahs I intend to develop some day and make my first millions with, would be on sale all year long—the proceeds of which would go toward funding El Museo del Sol.

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