the lost man chronicles
easier not to vie (to stop the shilly-shally) .46

it is easiest not to try, to allow all the wonderful moments that distinguish one's own life to go by, if only because—we let them.

it is easy to get lost. to wonder astray and forget the purpose of our aimless wandering.

it is easy to dream little dreams that never come true, and to wish to do only half the things others would have us do. and when you want to accomplish something of your own, to submit to pressure and to act all too indecisively.

it is much easier to follow the mode, the code, to conform, to be the norm and median and the mean, to inconspicuously be all but average and quite unoriginal; to rarely think and simply sit and be amused—to watch what everyone else is watching, to gawk at others' feats, and while bemused absorb the basis of token social conversation, so that whilst amidst the motions, we are not aware of our own apathy.

it is just as easy to lament, to vent, heave, hem and haw, to speak derisively, as you gnaw upon unfortunate circumstance, and all that destiny never gave you; especially that coveted opportunity that sheer will and audacious effort procure us all—the chance to stop the shilly-shally and positively be.

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