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Over the last few days Iíve struggled to get up to begin my usual 4 am rise-and-read routine.

In a foggy mountain state of arousal Iíve teetered between conscious and dream states, experiencing ultra-vivid dreams as a resultóif only my eyes had been open I would have deemed them hallucinations.

This morning I literally straddled the fine line between these two states and was made aware that one could be both in the waking and the dream worlds simultaneously.

Having been awoken by the alarm, I was lying in bed with one hand against the cold wall as I futilely attempted to get ten more minutes of sleep without actually falling back to sleep.

I began imagining myself in The Body Shop, a toiletries store I visit on occasion located a few blocks from my office. In the dream I was perusing the shelves of my favorite section when suddenly a bottle slipped and fell. I reflexively caught it with my right hand. The resulting jolt of my upper body triggered a slight press of my left palm against the wall behind me and the cold firm surface reminded me that I was merely in a dream.

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