the lost man chronicles
37. dare and become

As my allotted days pass, I am fast becoming aware of how much I really am in control. At times, I am incredulous to how facile it is to manipulate fate. I have also learned that it is the fool who waits to fulfill her own destiny.

Over these last few empowering months I have willed and experienced much that is sublime: transcending the self, conversations with the divine, ethereal bliss, the manipulation and making of time, surviving a fatal kiss, involvement in international crime, and being the catalyst of a lover's whimsical wish come true.

The last one blew me away most, and is the toast of recent accomplishment. I still flutter in hubris fields of splendor and awe over the agility with which we overcame everything to entertain her whim, the ease of which surpassed that of any other super feat recently proclaimed.

Eerily, many times amidst the manifestation of a dream it all has but seemed as if I was the wily protagonist of an epic story in the making. The truth is that a wonderful life is ready for the taking by anyone with enough courage to try. The entry into paradise is not as difficult as pushing a camel through the eye of a needle. In fact, it is both facile and practically free for those liberated enough to risk failure.

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