the lost man chronicles

Daedalus Beams

You learned to ride your bike today
I was so proud of you,
the way
You fearlessly rode

When I let go
You flew!
Across the grassy knoll
Across the wide open plain
Who knew! How wonderfully
You would fly on your own.

I am so proud of you,
The way you just nodded
And swallowed bravely
When I told you how
You were bound to fall,
And fall,
And fall.

Oh, and how you smiled shyly
At this tall order,
The imperative to “just get up again,”
“Yes, Papa,” your eyes beamed,
timorously seeming to say,
“Dad, I don’t want to disappoint you.”

Son, I saw you ride your bike today,
I am so proud of you.

September 17, 2005


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