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Curry in a Hurry ‘Round Midnight

Famished by a few hours of foto editing, I went out at ‘round midnight for a nosh to quash the pangs.

The local taquería where I was hoping to satisfy the hunger was cerrado, so I crossed the street to Curry in a Hurry, one of the many local Indian and Pakistani restaurants on Lexington Avenue in Gramercy Park— better known as Curry Row.

As I sat savoring my chicken marsala, I got antsy as I looked out the floor-to-ceiling window from the lofty position of the second floor.

I was anxious as ever to take Her out of my bag to let Her breath and to take in the same exquisite vista via her one good, great, eye.

Apparently She agreed with me, as these fotos will attest.

In retrospect I find it amusing that the racing cabs were reflective of the name of the venue, a racy yellow spice, where I sat to watch them fly by.

Furthermore, as most of the cab drivers these days originally emanate from other countries, many from India and Pakistan, as the line of taxis parked outside the window would attest, I found the name of this series all too apropos.

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